GoodLife Services Levels

Since we are all connected, through GoodLife’s network of providers, Realtors and communities, we can consult with you on which ever "Service Level” you prefer or refer you on to some specialists. We need to be able to assess your needs first, then, depending on the "Service Level 1, 2 or 3” you choose, consider an action plan appropriate for your needs and your situation. Later if a crisis occurs, you should be better equipped to handle it and more prepared due to being able to follow a plan of action we have worked with you to develop. By then, you will know what needs to be done and who can assist you to accomplish your needs and goals during an emergency or even on your daily pathway to a good life.

You and your family can access GoodLife Services at three different levels, from “doing it yourself” to "doing it together" to “letting us do it for you":

Bronze Service - Level 1 
Happy Couple Reviewing InfoA General Overview Form allows you to share the Seniors’ current situation. Once we receive it back from you (scanned and e-mailed or by fax 214-341-1673), we will contact you  by phone or e-mail. Based on the information that you provide, the consultant will go over every-thing, giving recommendations and insight into the situation and how to proceed on your own. You and family members meet with the consultant one to three times for a maximum of four hours. The fee for Service Level 1 is $250. Additional consultations are at $95.00 per hour, or you can upgrade to Service Level 2 or 3.

Silver Service - Level 2 
You or a family member complete the General Overview Form about the Seniors' current situation and send it to us. You will be contacted by phone or e-mail, since more information will be required. The consultant will go over in-depth information and recommendations in the following areas: legal, financial, health services, residential community options, rightsizing, moving and real estate transition services. The consultant meets with the Senior client and any of their respective family members that they choose too include in the discussions about the Seniors' situation, needs and goals. The consultant will give their recommendations on how to proceed. You are free to call the consultant with questions and to meet several times, for a maximum of eight hours. The fee for Service Level 2 is $500. Additional consultations are at $95.00 per hour,unless you decide to take another Service Level 2, or you can upgrade to our Service Level 3.

Gold Service - Level 3
Since we still have to coordinate choices and decisions with whomever is to be the main contact person, this Service Level  3 is similar to a turnkey solution that starts with the General Overview Form and other needed assessment forms, then moves to preparing and presenting a plan, with a task list and timeline. After your best options have been determined and an action plan identified, the consultant will provide oversight and coordination of your action plan.

For example, this may include visits and meetings with:

  • Financial advisors
  • Home Care/Home Health Care Companies 
  • Case managers/health advisors
  • Realtors who specialize in senior clients
  • Move managers to assist with the moving process and/or estate sales

The consultant will arrange events with you and ensure that all services are being performed in a quality manner. A personal follow up ensures that the transition has been made successfully. The fee for Level 3 service is $2,500. This includes approximately 18-20 hours of time. Additional service is charged at $125 per hour.