"I appreciate your efforts to help us and others."
Dan H.
 (from out of town, moving into a Dallas community)
"Our residents expressed how much they enjoyed your presentation."
Shirley L.
 (at an Independent Living Community)
"Thank you for the valuable help you provided in the sale of my house and the quick move to Buckner Retirement Village. . . and for all the valuable help you provided each step of the way."(After her daughters urged her to move, she calledGoodLife upon Buckner's recommendation)
Cleva L.


 "Thanks for making Saturday so much fun                                                                

and for your gracious thoughtfulness . . .

there were the beautiful roses. Mom was so

pleased that she left them in the hallway at

C.C. Young for all to see."  


Kathy S.
 (GoodLife helped with the sale of her mother's home and the transition process)
"I am looking forward to down-sizing and getting into a smaller place. Your presentation was helpful."
Shirley S.
 (from out of town, considering a move to Dallas)