Our Founder

GoodLife Pathways began in 2006 by Barbara Husel, an experienced senior advocate in the United States. After making a commitment to serve the needs of the seniors by developing GoodLife and all its services, Barbara became a Certified Senior Advisor (CSA).

Barbara’s passion for helping others began as a twelve-year old candy striper and has been a life full of commitments to the needs of children, those less fortunate, children, our aging adults and of course, her mother. As part of her church activities, Barbara has taken mission trips to the state of Washington, as well as Mexico and the Philippines to build homes, churches and address the needs of the community.

An epiphany, if you will, occurred when her mother became ill in 1997.  The experience of helping her mother transition from driving her own car, owning her own home to later moving to an assisted living community taught her important things about seniors and feelings, fears, and frustrations while going through a transition.  Barbara then witnessed her mother’s diminishing health; in fact, Barbara commuted for three years to provide home care and help her mother cope with many transitional issues.

Through this experience, Barbara realized there were millions of Seniors who had little help in transitioning from retirement to joyfully living out their lives. Seniors, who quite often face complex issues need a guide to help them through the transition maze and all the unexpected challenges. When Barbara’s mother passed away in early 2003, she became determined to commit her life to making a difference for senior adults and their families: to help them navigate the multiple challenges they would be facing. Barbara knew there was a need for a resource that would consolidate specialized senior services.

Barbara draws on her personal and professional experiences to address the numerous questions and deep concerns of seniors and their families. She provides resources and education to foster understanding of the key legal, financial, health, housing, and social factors that are important to seniors—and how these factors work together.

Barbara’s mission in founding GoodLife Pathways is to “treat everyone as if they were a member of her family. “My passion is to help our treasured older citizens and provide a pathway to a lifestyle with Forestthe peace of mind they deserve. By assisting the seniors and their families every step of the way, Barbara is remaining true to one her favorite quotations and is able to offer enlightenment to seniors who embark on their own transition.

“Give me the light that I may tread safely into the unknown."                  

- Minnie Louise Haskins

Barbara is frequently sought out by area professionals for her recommendations on senior resources and problem solving. Her compassionate approach and integrity are reflected in her commitment to connecting seniors with the resources that best meet their needs.